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About Carpet Hero


Carpet Hero has served both residential and commercial customers. Carpet Hero is a full service company serving the Los Angeles area and surrounding areas. The company is family owned and operated since 2004; our company also has carpet cleaning, house cleaning, and services for business and residential. Our high-quality and professional service has allowed us to become the carpet and upholstery cleaner of choice for many local residents and business owners.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and excellent products. Whether your carpets or upholstery is in need of an emergency service due to flooded water damage or pet odors, staining or is in need of seasonal cleaning, we can help restore your floors and furniture back to their original condition. We can brighten your carpet, tile, furniture, rugs, area rug, mattress and upholstery in no time. We also sell rugs, area rugs, cleaning supplies such as carpet and rug cleaning odor removal, sanitizer, carpet stain protector chemicals and other equipment for your cleaning needs.

We have been making Los Angeles homes happier and cleaner for many years. Carpet Hero has grown into one of the most widely respected and well known leaders in the home services industry. Our company operates a fully equipped truck mount trucks and specializes in personalized and customer oriented service. We deliver excellence with every job we undertake. Carpet Hero offers a complete package of services from house cleaning to carpet cleaning you can trust. There will be no hidden charges, and most chemicals for cleaning are included as a package. Our employees will arrive on time in uniform and ready to perform a quality work to satisfy your needs. We offer a wide selection of cleaning service like water damages and cleaning, we offer no-obligation free estimate for your cleaning needs. We continue to win friends and customers with our professional service. Our goal is to be the best cleaning Service Company in the Los Angeles area.

About carpet cleaning

Let’s face it, when your carpet looks or smells bad, your whole house does too. Carpet Hero can make your carpets super clean, and bring back its beauty and softness. We understand that carpeting is a major home purchase that provides instant warmth and comfort. That’s why our services are geared toward extending the life of your carpet while keeping it feeling and looking luxurious.

How does it work?

Our Truck Mount-steam cleaning extraction methods achieve a deep-down clean that tackles even the toughest spots, pet stains, and odors, while providing the highest-quality care for your carpet. Best of all, our service is hassle-free. All we ask is that you remove any fragile or valuable items from the rooms being cleaned. We’ll handle the rest with our proven five-stage system.

Carpet Cleaning

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1. Pre_inspetction

Our professional staff will meet you at your home or office for a pre-inspection and consultation. Together we will identify traffic patterns on your carpets and any problem areas where you’d like special care or extra effort. We’ll take time to answer all your questions and plan our services around your concerns and preferences.


2. Preparation

Our staff is happy to assist you in moving light furnishings from the areas to be cleaned. Larger items can be worked around and we will protect furniture corners and legs before beginning.


3. Pre-treatment

We then prepare the rooms for deep cleaning, including a thorough pre-treatment of all stains or high-traffic areas. When needed, a preliminary vacuuming will loosen material from your carpets, including dirt, dust, sand, and even pet hair.



Flood Waters Damage

Flood water falls into three categories. Determining which category your problem falls into is important in determining the best course of action to take. However, it is critical to seek assistance immediately, because category 1 waters can worsen into category 2 or 3 very quickly.

1Clear water

1. Clear water

This type of flooding usually entails clean water that originates from a source–such as a broken pipe or water heater–that does not present an immediate danger to humans or animals.

2Grey water

2. Grey water

If the flood water appears to be grey, filmy, or murky it may contain a significant level of contamination, which could cause discomfort or sickness to humans exposed to it. Clear water may become murky or fall into category 2 within 24-72 hours.

3Black water

3. Black water

Black water, which may occur in situations involving mass flooding or sewage, is extremely dangers. It contains significant microbial and pathogenic agents and is unsanitary. You should make every effort to prevent your family members or pets from being exposed to this category of flood waters.