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                                              Area Rug Cleaning

The professional area rug cleaning is still the choice of many homeowners in Los Angeles. You don’t have to sweat to get your rugs clean. Our professionals steam cleaning service can remove the tough stains. The reason for this is that the frequency of rug cleaning has the best suction devices and machines, and often able to buy soaps and cleaning products that the average consumer can’t buy or can’t find easily. These things combined often mean that a professional is a great choice for set-in stains or high traffic areas. Steam cleaning is may seem like it’s a luxury, but  Carpet Hero has the most affordable prices and well worth the time.

In rug cleaning, we have about 96% rate of success on most unknown stains (stains that people do not know what the stain came from) utilizing Pro-link products specific to your rug cleaning needs. Below is a list of stains we remove from rugs on a daily basis: Grease Stain / Paint Stain. We remove grease stains using our paint oil grease remover. Most of the soda stains are removable by using a steam cleaning process. Ketchup Stain For Ketchup stains we use our Protein spotter. Juice Stain are removable by  using a steam cleaning process. Lipstick Stain Lipstick stains are removable by using our paint oil grease Remover. Ink Stain Ink stains are removable by using our oiled base citrus remover. Rust Stain Rust stains are removable by using our rust remover. Crayon Stain We remove crayon stains using our paint oil grease remover.


oriental-rug-255x160Most rugs are versatile, durable and always stylish. They contain layouts and designs which in general includes one or a number of motifs. Finding the right cleaning company is not easy. Carpet Hero has the best method of rug cleaning.  Most customers don’t have the space to clean rugs at their location. That is why we will pick up and deliver at no additional cost. Our technician will deliver the rug back to your location shampooed, deodorized  and ready to look good in your living room again.

Area rug cleaning is actually not as big a trouble as everyone thinks. If you want to keep something clean, don’t get it dirty in the first place. Bare or sock-clad feet are gentler on your rugs as compared to your outdoor shoes. It would be best to keep your shoes outside, that is if it is in accordance with your lifestyle. So how do you know when it’s time to clean your rug?

rug-shampoo-cleaning-255x150You try to raise a corner of the carpeting and kick the bottom side, if a cloud of dust flies off, then you know it’s time. You should not be confused though because a little something will really fly off the carpeting once you kick it. The thing is that this time, it’s a lot of dust and dirt. Also, if you rub your rug vigorously with your hands, and they come off black with filth, then you really have to clean it.

When removing dust and dirt from your rugs, cleaning it is really a breeze for us. We vacuum both sides of the rug and hang it to beat out any excess dirt and dust. Then lay it down at the flat surface to steam clean or shampoo your rug.