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Carpet Cleaning Service

 We pride ourselves on offering quality, affordable, courteous, carpet cleaning service for homes and businesses in Los Angeles, California. Our seasoned carpet cleaning service team have the skills, technology, and experience to make your carpet super micro clean. In addition we offer upholstery cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, flooded water damage, auto and SUV interior cleaning, and steam cleaning services, which can return your furnishings to new condition, and improve the air quality inside your home.

Living and working in Los Angeles brings many good things, not to mention the chance of having a clean carpet. When life is so busy, something usually gets left behind like the cleaning of your carpets, rugs, of sofas. That is why with the help of Carpet Hero, you can get them look new again . Our carpet cleaning service does not just deal with the basic from (carpet upholstery cleaning to house carpet cleaning that includes steam cleaning with truck mounted systems). Carpet Hero also offers a wide range of other comprehensive cleaning services.

Professional  carpet cleaning service in Los Angeles at Carpet Hero are trained to recognize different carpet materials and know exactly what method to use without causing harm. Here are the top reasons that are undeniable. When the matter is so serious and you aren’t looking at only pure beauty, it’s best not to settle for anything other than one of the leading carpet cleaners in Los Angeles. This keeps your children from the suffering of respiratory disease or someone else in the family contracting illnesses spread by bacteria. You’ll never have to worry about how clean your carpets are ever again when we come on board. In-depth Knowledge of Different Types of Carpets.

Getting your carpets cleaning professionally is the only way to get the job well done.  Give us a call any time of the day and watch us spring into action. It will save you the expenditure of having to buy new carpets every few years in the long run. Settling for anything less than the best Los Angeles carpet cleaners can affect not just the health of your family but also significantly impact your finances over time as you can see. The dirt and dust embedded deep within the fibers of the carpet can cause respiratory problems and allergies in addition. Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning is ready and equipped to jump to your service. Restoring the beauty of your Carpet.

In addition to  carpet cleaning service, trained professionals will also be able to take necessary steps to keep your carpet looking new and beautiful for as long as possible. Unclean carpets become the breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria and germs. If you don’t have this kind of specific knowledge you may actually be doing more harm than good if attempting to clean your carpet yourself. Can you trust your family’s health to just about anyone? Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning! Where do you begin looking for experts in carpet cleaning so? Pollution, isn’t it a relief to step into your house and escape all the dust, muck and grime the city throws in your face? This is why you need more than a casual vacuum cleaning.

Have you ever stopped to wonder if the air quality in your house is really healthy? Get in touch with expert carpet cleaners in Los Angeles and they will disclose a shocking fact – in the average household the indoor air quality is 10 to 100 times worse than what it is outside. Leave the dirty work to us! Carpet cleaners are a dime a dozen in Los Angeles. Who do you trust for impeccable services in carpet cleaning? It’s time to call in the professionals. The results are far from great even with the most thorough techniques and methods. You should also know what cleaning agents and techniques are suitable for different types of carpets. This step becomes even more important if you’ve got an expensive or rare carpet in your house. Effective Diseases Prevention.

Carpet cleaning service has to be performed by the professional technician to ensure the quality of the carpet is kept in the highest quality. It is very important to use the right equipment to get the best result. Carpet Hero has the best technology and experience to finish the job. Most people don’t have the time or ability to clean their carpet themselves and using a portable cleaning machine can leave a nasty residue, and the carpets will take longer periods of time to dry. We use truck-mounted steam cleaning machines that deliver the highest commercial power to extract the solution, turning your carpet new again in addition drying takes no more than 3 to 4 hours depending on the quality of the carpet.  We offer the most affordable prices compared to other carpet cleaning companies.

Carpet Cleaning Price


Residencial Carpet Cleaning
$ 30 per room up to 600 sq sf
minimum of 2 rooms reqired

Bedrooms – Livingrooms – Dining rooms – Dens and Famitly rooms

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
¢ 25 per sq ft
minimum of 200 sq ft reqired

Offices – Wearhouses – Rooms – Stores