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  • Q. How long will it take to clean my carpets?

    A. The average house takes about 2 hours, or approximately 20 minutes per room, depending on the size of your home, the furniture to be moved, the level of soiling involved and the extent of pre-treating required.

  • Q. What do I need to do before the cleaning crew arrives?

    A. Carpet Hero crews are trained to carefully move your furniture. Therefore, we will take care of moving your sofas, tables, and chairs. Most large pieces, such as dressers, pianos, and china cabinets, can be left in place. However, we do recommend removing fragile items—like electronics, lamps, and knick-knacks—from the rooms to be cleaned.

  • Q. How long will it take my carpet to dry completely?

    A. Drying times can vary depending on humidity levels, airflow, and the type of carpet involved. Our truck mount machine on average it takes 2-8 hours for a carpet to thoroughly dry. Of course, turning on your air conditioning or heating system helps to speed up this process. You can walk on your carpet as soon as our crew has finished cleaning. Please remember to remove your street shoes first to avoid re-soiling and be careful not to slip when moving from damp carpets to hard surfaces.

  • Q. How often should you clean your carpets?

    A. The obvious answer to that question is whenever they are dirty. However, some carpets may not look dirty because of light use. We recommend that to maintain the life and look of your carpet that you clean them at least once a year. However, if your carpets need to be cleaned more often than that due to heavy traffic, spots or other spills then clean them as needed.

  • Q. Does my carpet get dirtier, quicker after I clean it?

    A. If your professional carpet cleaner does their job correctly, this is not true. You cannot clean a carpet too often; in fact not getting your carpet cleaned is much worse. Periodic cleaning will extend the life of your carpet, while helping to keep your home healthier.

What should I do to properly take care of my carpet?

There are some steps you need to do.

  • This is the most important thing you can do for your carpet. Vacuuming removes the dry particle soil from your carpet that is tracked in by you, your children and your pets. If dry soil is left in your carpet the grit constantly wears your carpet fibers like sandpaper. This eventually removes your stain resistant coating on the fibers, then permanently wears the fibers itself, dulling the carpets color. This results in damage beyond repair, which ruins the beauty of your carpet.

  • The quicker you clean up spills on your carpet the easier they are to remove. Use clean white absorbent materials. Always blot up spills, do not aggressively rub or brush carpet.

  • Professional carpet cleaning is required to remove the deep down soil in your carpet that vacuuming does not reach. It also removes the oily soil from your carpet. Also, hot water extraction will refresh the texture of your carpet by resetting the twist of the carpet fibers. Periodic cleaning by a professional will also keep your carpet warranty valid.

  • To restore crushed pile, raise it by scraping against the direction of the nap with a ruler or credit card; then hold a steam iron, set on medium, about three inches above the pile to dampen and swell the fibers. Let the area dry before replacing the furniture.

  • To prevent stains, clean up spills as soon as they happen. Keep a container of general-purpose foam or powdered carpet cleaner on hand for the purpose.

  • To clean up most spills, first remove as much of the spilled material as possible without rubbing any into the pile. Fluids can be absorbed by placing a paper towel over them; thicker substances can be scooped up with a pair of spatulas or putty knives. Next, apply the cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This involves spraying or sprinkling cleaner over the spill, waiting for it to absorb the remaining substance and then vacuuming the residue. If this is not effective, contact Carpet hero, consult the carpet cleaning customer service for more information.